suggested APPS

  • notOK: a suicide prevention app for teenagers.

  • Quit That: an app that helps you quit your habits or addictions.

  • Mind Shift: an anxiety app for teens and young adults.

  • Talkspace Online Therapy: an app where you can text or talk to a professional for support through your depression.

  • Happify: a psychologist approved mood-training program.

  • PTSD Coach: an app for PTSD symptoms and can be customized for each individual's needs.

  • Breathe2Relax: teaches you the skill of diaphragmatic breathing to decrease stress. 

  • Headspace: a mindfulness and meditation app.

  • Calm: for people experiencing stress and anxiety. Also, provides guided meditation.

  • Ten Percent Happier: for people who want to sleep better, find relaxation, and practice mindfulness.

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