First Incident

The first time I heard about bullying in my workplace was in 2014. I worked as a labor and delivery nurse for a hospital in Northern California; let's call "K." When a unit assistant, let's call her "D" Facebooked me and said she had been bullied by the staff and lost her job. I didn't think much of it at the time. I assumed D and the team didn't get along, and they got her fired. I thought it was a catfight gone awry. I will tell you this Bullying is NOT a catfight that gets out of control. I worked on a different shift, so I didn't have all of the details. When I was around D, I remember thinking how nice she was.

I got back in contact with D years later when the staff was bullying me. I still had those messages she had sent me on FB. We started talking about what happened to her in more detail when she worked at K. D said she had worked for K for 25 years and never had any problems until she started working with this staff.

D said her assistant manager and a scrub tech had set her up and that they were the main reasons she got fired. D said she lost her pension, house, and that she was a single mother at the time. She said she never had any social issues and didn't understand why these nurses didn't like her.

It was a relief to talk to someone who knew how I felt. I could relate to everything D was saying. I realized how much I needed to speak to someone who went through the same thing I was going through. When I write this, the biggest takeaway from this is that I had someone to talk to that knew how I felt. I felt so alone until I contacted her. I saw a therapist at the time, but it wasn't the same as talking with D.

It would be a while before there was another target and another but not me yet. I would call the group "The Manson Family." Why because it was a large group, tight-nit, had leaders, and very secretive. The drama has just begun...

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The Bully Whisperer