It's time for another purge—the most notorious assistant nurse manager ever in labor and delivery. I will call her "Nana" because she treated us as kids. What an interesting person she was. There was no way you could miss her walking down the hall or street. Squirrels

probably ran when they saw her. Nana had a dominant, tough, and I will kick your ass persona. You could hear her breath from 15 feet away.

Nana was intelligent and made sure everyone knew it. Nana loved to make people feel stupid, and that was fine until she started picking on The Manson Family (MF). Why do I think MF didn't like her because she was just like THEM! MF could dish out criticism but never take it. Nana would counter surf, meaning that she would find a reason to come out

and check on us every hour. Nana thought we needed to be burped q hour on her shift. Nana's favorite line was, "can you please quiet down I can hear you down the hallway." We were loud! Nana was always asking if we had done this or that because God forbid we get a minute to breathe or relax. Nana was a pain in the ass.

Her undoing began with her class on fetal monitoring strips. She had picked some fetal strips that were dreadful. I believe she targeted specific nurses. Well, she trashed those strips and interventions to shreds. We were all wondering, which nurses had those patients. All the nurses looked in the delivery log and found out who the nurses were. EMBARRASSING! Yes, you guessed it; they were nurses in MF. There was yelling, screaming, and crying in the hall between Nana and the nurses. We never had another class after that.

Nana transferred to the day shift, which was a colossal mistake. The top tier nurses of MF are on the day shift. Nana was already on their radar, and it was only a matter of time before a take down would happen. On day shift, Nana managed to offend every nurse two to three times over. It was time for Nana to go.

Impeachment hearings with the service unit director (SUD) and human resources

started, but those would be fruitless. Unbeknownst to us, Nana was BFF's with the SUD. They sipped wine together after work A LOT. She would never get fired unless she did something terrible, which eventually she did. Nana could never keep her mouth shut EVER. One racist comment later calling an African American nurse Aunt Jemima and we never saw Nana again. Fired! Bye, Bye Nana, go burp someone else!

My takeaway from this is that when you see your coworkers trying to get multiple colleagues fired, that should be a red flag. It wasn't for me. I never heard of workplace bullying. No one in my high school or college ever mentioned workplace bullying. We need to educate

young adults before they go out into the workforce.

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The Bully Whisperer